The Cemefi inaugurated its Annual Meeting 2017


In the presence of more than 500 attendees and in a ceremony headed by Javier García Bejos; Undersecretary of Planning, Evaluation and Regional Development of the Ministry of Social Development; the opening ceremony of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Cemefi was held, which in its twenty-first edition has as its central theme Challenges and Opportunities in complex times.


During his speech, the Executive President of the Cemefi, Jorge Villalobos, stressed that in the uncertain context (renegotiation of the FTA, elections, reconstruction after earthquakes, corruption and impunity), civil society must reflect on its role and contributions . For this reason, during the Meeting, it will aim to build a joint diagnosis and call for action as an organized civil society.


Subsequently, the President of the Annual Meeting, the businessman Salvador González Lóyzaga, said that in the face of the uncertainty that we live, it is important to look to the future. He noted that the September emergency made the review and adherence to laws and regulations even more urgent. As a civil society, we must defend the rule of law and we are called to the reconstruction of values, of ethics.


Jorge Familiar Haro, President of the Board of Directors of Cemefi, affirmed that the emergency generated by the natural phenomena of September 2017 left all Mexicans a great lesson in solidarity, which was expressed through volunteering and donations in kind and in money to support the affected population.


The response of civil society working on the emergency together with the government and with the collaboration of the business sector, has become an example for the world (since it had never been seen in another country), according to a study recently conducted by the Bank. World; He commented at the time of exhorting everyone to make synergies, to generate intersectoral alliances in favor of those who need it most. We must be jointly responsible in public decisions, in the promotion of development, in the defense of human rights, constantly and not only when emergencies occur, he emphasized.


When formally inaugurating the work of the Meeting, Javier García Bejos pointed out that the lack of opportunities and poverty can not be fought if one thinks that it is only the government's task. It is about closing ranks, building opportunities based on what each one has to contribute in this respect. No matter who measures poverty or what the number of poor people is, as long as there is a Mexican living in poverty, there will be a pending task in this regard; he asserted.


Philanthropy does not depend on having resources but on having time and will. Nobody by his condition is left behind, in the ability to reach out and generate resilience, he said at the end of his message.

Masters of the UAM design a platform that will look for employment options for people with disabilities


Although it is a platform that is hardly in development, those who wish to register must enter their data, as a level of schooling, to be channeled to whoever offers a position.


Given the difficulty encountered by people with disabilities in finding employment, teachers in Design, Information and Communication from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) designed IN-SER, a linking platform that allows them to link them with companies and government entities that offer a vacancy .

Beatriz Cedillo Becerril, Alfredo Chávez Villanueva, Carlos Pardo Rozo and David Vargas Rodríguez, graduates of the same University, developed the project as an interdisciplinary proposal for their master's degree, which earned them the first place of the National Design Award Mexico 2017, in the category of Web sites, UAM said in a statement.

How does IN-SER work?

According to the University, this platform provides a database connected with groups and contractors interested in the inclusion of people with disabilities, who struggle more to get work because of prejudices about their abilities, the costs to adapt spaces, as well as technological implementation .

Although it is a platform that is hardly in development, those who wish to register must enter their data, as a level of schooling, to be channeled to whoever offers a position.


"One of the main contributions of the system is that it incorporates usability recommendations into its programming, making it accessible through a screen reader with the possibility of extending up to 200% -without distorting the design or color contrast for those with color blindness- and an area of focus ", explains the University.

The UAM mentions that although it has elements of interaction such as a readable typology, use of color with contrast for people with color blindness, text alternative to twice the size, among others, it still needs to be adapted to other disabilities.

"The investigation will continue focused on addressing the interactive requirements of motor disability to continue with the auditory and later with the intellectual within the IN-SER site", described Beatriz Cedillo.


Reacción Animal Político

Road accidents, the first cause of disability


Half of the disabled people acquired it during their lifetime


The vast majority of people who suffer from any disability is caused by road accidents assured the federal deputy of MC, Jonadab Martinez, who stressed that not carry chairs for children is the leading cause of death between five and 9 years, so it promotes a road safety law.

"A disability data is that 50 percent of people living with a disability were not born with it, they acquired it during their lifetime, and of those people who acquired during life, the large percentage were related to road accidents. And that a person who acquired a disability in life according to the INEGI, only 25 percent returns to find a job ".

He indicated that there are five risk factors such as combining alcohol with steering wheel, manipulating the cell phone, being run over, lack of use of a seatbelt and helmet in the case of who drives a motorcycle or bicycle.

By: Víctor Ramírez

"Insist, persist, resist and never give up" Gonzalo Paz Silva, representing the Bertha O. de Osete Foundation, I.A.P.,


Within the "Second Athletic Lobos Race" organized by the Technological University of San Juan del Río Oficial, which took place on October 08 of this year in our Municipality San Juan del Rio, whose main objective was to promote sport and the cult

Chairs from Mexico to Spain.


A joint gesture of Amif (association of physical handicaps Villena and region) and a stimulus to continue opening "roads" in the integration of people with disabilities

We would like to express our gratitude for his gesture of solidarity in supporting our project of bringing the five chairs from Mexico to Spain.


With his help in this project we have been able to carry out the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Logro from September 23 to 30, his contribution has been and will be a stimulus to continue opening "roads" in the integration of people with disabilities in any area of life


This was the message we received and we are pleased to have been part of a project like this and we are proud to know that our wheelchairs have been very useful, thank you for the trust placed in us!


Here we share your message.