Travelers with disabilities: not included in Mexico


If you belong to the driving disability group, you should not have any inconvenience to travel by plane ... unless you live in Mexico, according to Apolinar Ramirez Figueroa, a specialist in public international law.

The problem is that service providers and their employees understand the concepts Disability and disability as if it were the same and assign a position of danger to individuals that only have some type of limitation.

The term "disabled" is far from that of "person with disabilities". The first refers to someone drugged or sick that puts those on board at risk. The second is a temporary or permanent condition of life.

In that sense, the violation of Article 33 of the Civil Aviation Law (LAC) persists, which guarantees that facilities for this population sector will be granted. At the same time, the United Nations Convention on Persons with Disabilities, particularly in its ninth paragraph, is completely ignored.


por Anli Álvarez Ramirez

"This article ensures that people with disabilities can live independently and participate actively in all aspects of their lives, including air travel," said the specialist.

"Donate a wheelchair with recycled material" With programs that fit each company.


Thanks to the support and participation of companies and our programs that fit their needs. Kimberly Clark from Mexico, Ingredion San Juan Del Rio Qro, Topre, San Juan Del Rio, delivered three wheelchairs, which we hope will be very useful for the beneficiaries, María Eusebia, Catalina Verde, María Prima and so on. to have a better quality of life.

Canaco donates 15 wheelchairs in LC


LÁZARO CÁRDENAS, Mich., August 17, 2017.-


In response to the collaboration agreements between the Municipal Administration and the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Lázaro Cárdenas, this organization donated to the municipality a package of 15 wheelchairs that through the Municipal DIF will be donated to an equal number of families that more require it.


The delivery of these equipment took place with the presence of the municipal president, Armando Carrillo Barragán and the president of the organized commerce, Jose Luis Esquivel García, besides other members of the local directory of the Canaco.


"We deliver 15 wheelchairs so they can be delivered to families who need it most," said the businessman and organized trade leader, José Luis Esquivel García.


While the municipal president commented that "this is the result of the exercise of a citizen's government that adds wills in favor of the most heartfelt demands of the population"

He added that these wheelchairs are invaluable not only for the City Hall or the Municipal DIF, but for people who truly have an immense need to get along with their sick or elderly.


Wheelchairs were developed by the Bertha O. Osete Foundation, a non-profit Private Assistance Institution. In this company work people with different capacities who are in charge of elaborate with reinforced material these devices, since they know the main requirements for the mobility of the people in urban and rural zones.




As you can see in these pictures, the walls made of concrete blocks around the perimeter of the warehouse have been finished. As a reminder, these materials were donated to us by the Municipality of San Juan del Río, led by MEMO VEGA and the municipal branch of DIF, under the direction of Mrs. MALE RUIZ DE VEGA, with whom we are very grateful. You may also note that the installation of the structure that will support the warehouse's roof has been completed. All of this has been achieved thanks to the resources you have so kindly donated to this institution. We are ready to begin placing the metal sheets that will form the roofing. Our deepest thanks to all of you for all of your support.


With our sincere gratitude, respect and admiration for each and every one of you.



We donated 20 wheelchairs specifically designed to be used in all kinds of terrain to Sinmelina EM de Querétaro IAP, together with Fundación Televisa and GNP Seguros, for whose support with the resources to make this possible we are deeply grateful. The chairs were given to people who live with disabilities, and they will help them improve their quality of life.